Fall in the Air

Jeana Rayfield
Jeana Rayfield

Join me on the journey as we explore reading and writing with God as our guide.

a poem

“Fall is in the Air”

Orange, red, and yellows

Sweep across wooded hollows

Flashing nature’s harvest fanfare.

Leafy paintings rest on ground pillows

Let free from oaks and willows

For fall is in the air.



A beautiful scenic walk can inspire a little poem in even the poorest poet!


“O outono está no ar”

Laranja, vermelho e amarelos
Varrer em buracos arborizados
A fanfarra da colheita da natureza gostosa.

Pinturas folhosas repousam em almofadas de chão
Livre de carvalhos e salgueiro estão.
Outono pois está no ar, mostrando seu beleza.


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