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Instagram has been the main source of my writer and reader connections. I have found many encouragers and supportive people to interact with and share my own comments with about common interests.

You can find me @_jr.bee on Instagram.

The best thing about sharing with other readers and writers is the creativity and interest that is ignited by the contact!

Positive Aspects of Interaction With Others in the Writing Community:


Author Promotional Events


Getting Feedback on Posts

Sharing Ideas


Although I enjoy reading and writing on my own, I have found inspiration and have learn a lot from the input of other authors. When I feel incapable, I see that I am not alone in this struggle. When I get a mental block or go through a dry spell, I have found that it helps to read the work of others and to give myself the time and space for my own thoughts to fall into place as they should.

Of course, as a Christian writer, my main source of inspiration is from the Lord. I read the Bible, pray, and listen for the Holy Spirit to guide me in what to write about.

I have, however, found great comfort and support from other authors. I truly appreciate those who have given me the opportunity to grow and learn with them in the journey to becoming a better writer.

“The courage it takes to share your story might be the very thing someone else needs to open their heart to hope.” — Unknown

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