Appearances: Inside and Out

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Traveling through the airport recently, I noticed how different so many of the other travelers looked from one another. Yet, according to 1 Peter 16:7 it is what is on the inside that most matters.

How is your heart looking? 

Do you pay more attention to what others look like on the outer image or put more value on their heart?
A Good Heart Shows Love to Others

In the month of February there is often a great emphasis on the symbolism of love and hearts in relation to Valentine’s Day. May I challenge you to consider the inner appearance of yourself and those you come in contact with. Of course, it is a positive attribute to take good care of our physical appearance and present our ourselves in the best way physically, but let’s check up on our attitude if we emphasize the wrong attributes. God is the most perfect example of love, because God is love. I am so glad that God looks on the heart more than on our outward appearance. I have failed him so many times, and yet He still knows my heart and loves me. How much more should I want to show live from my heart having received such absolute, pure love!

 God sees hearts as we see faces.- George Herbert

And so, upon looking at all the passengers in the airport terminal, I was reminded of 1 Samuel 16:7 and its meaning, if correctly applied in my own daily walk with the Lord. Being pretty or handsome does not always mean that person is nice, so why focus on appearances? Focus on the inner core of who we are and how we treat others. Focus on having proper responses instead of just winning someone over with what we think is pleasing to them. Just be genuine. Be real and true to what matters. That is an act of love that flows from a beautiful heart.

All that glisters is not gold;
Often have you heard that told:
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold:
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.”
― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

♡ Let’s remember to keep hearts of gold despite whatever life’s circumstances hold in store for us!

♡ Let’s strive to focus on being beautiful inside and out instead of falling into the trap of vanity and pride over outer appearance only.

Prayer for today:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for seeing my inner thoughts and intentions rather than judging me by how I look or appear to others. You know me, inside and out, and yet you show me the purest love that I could ever hope for. Please help me to see others in that same loving attitude. Help me to correct my attitude when my own heart becomes displeasing to you. Teach me to be beautiful inside and out and to be grateful and content in all things. In Jesus name, Amen.

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