Fabulous Friday Friend : Kim St-Onge

Kim St-Onge, the author of recently-published, beautiful children’s books.

I would like to introduce you to Kim St-Onge, the author of two children’s books, The Colours of a Dream and The Tree. This inspring, Christian lady has spent her life encouraging others in many ways. She is:

  • A devoted wife
  • A mother of three married daughters
  • A grandmother to seven grandchildren
  • A personal support worker
  • A published author

Kim and her husband, Fern (also known as the Captain), are committed to the wholesome lifestyle and debt-free living. They share their encouraging adventures on their “The Captain and His Lady” website. Their current project involves construction of a container home. Like me, Kim feels blessed to have been able to homeschool her three daughters. Now with her children married and in homes of their own, Kim still finds joy in the little things.

She says,

“Let’s be pioneers in  this life. Pioneers in making relationships work! Pioneers at finishing what we start in this most important area of our lives,”

I asked her about where her inspiration to write came from. She replied, “When I look at where this all came from, and how writing books came about, I think of my Dad… He LOVES to tell stories, and he really hopes my book writing can become a successful passion! I want to put my story writing into an envelope entitled, “the Storyteller’s Daughter”, because my Dad and my Heavenly Father really deserve the praise!

The Colours of a Dream and The Tree written by Kim St-Onge and illustrated by Gillian Hébert

She says, “For years, I have been encouraged to write, and finally the time was afforded me. My husband, mother, and daughters have pushed and encouraged me immensely. My friends and blog subscribers have cheered me on… I am blessed.

While on a trip through the Eastern parts of Ontario and Quebec, I came across this beautiful tiny home owned by an artist – she was AMAZING! From that moment, I was determined to find an artist to make my books come alive. This is when I found Gillian Hebert, through a simple online contest that I put out. I have to say, she is definitely my favourite illustrator, no bias here ?

Just last evening, I was asked if I read a lot, and what books do I read… My answer? I don’t have a lot of time for reading these days, but I used to read a lot when I was younger. I do love to read stories to my grandchildren. Now? The book I read is simply the Bible. The stories I write are purely from the imagination God gave me!”

She finds joy in sharing what she has learned along the way in her journey.

“I would say that writing the stories was the easiest part of putting books out. Finding an illustrator, and watching her work and make my characters come to life has been a wonderful and joyful experience! Self publishing isn’t that difficult, thanks to the World Wide Web! The most difficult job was finding a printer, mainly because these stories are our babies, are they not? We don’t just hand our babies over to any person without being able to trust them…”

Along with my sentiments, “Second only to water, relationships are the sustenance of life.”, I believe telling stories to the littles in my life, is part of building great relationships – time together, imagining… This is my goal: to bring families and loved ones together, slowing down, and getting back to the simple, fun life.

Kim St-Onge

You can connect to Kim on her website:


and on Instagram:


She currently is sponsoring a great giveaway for a copy of her two books on Instagram.

In following her posts, I have been blessed by the stories she shares, especially from the people she connects with in her work as a personal support worker. I applaud Kim for her tender heart in providing care to those that she comes into contact with and for her indominable, loving spirit that is infused with a positive attitude. In my opinion, she is a Christian author with a great perspective who is worth paying attention to!

She says, “I love to tell a story-and a God story is the best!”

Kim St-Onge

Her Instagram profile describes Kim and her family well:

…leaning on God thru real life.

If you would like to encourage Kim, please leave a comment or you can also purchase The Colours of a Dream or The Tree



Wishing much success to this Fabulous Friday Friend!

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